No printer, no problem

Q. I really want to colour one of your stories, but I don’t have a printer. What can I do?

A. You have a couple of options. Some of my stories are available as paperback books on Amazon. Just look for the Tales from Mulberry Garden series on Amazon or follow the links from the products page.

Another option is to use photo-editing software to colour the file on your computer. That saves paper and ink, and you don’t need to buy special pens or pencils.

I use the free software, Snipping Tool, to capture the section of file that I wish to colour:

Example of an imaged being copied by the Snipping Tool

Then save the image onto your computer.





Once you have saved the image, you can open it in your favourite photo-editing or drawing app. Try to find one that has a fill tool, which allows you to fill the areas surrounded by a line.

A black and white line drawing of a beetle which has been partially coloured in using s free drawing app

One of the great things about colouring on the computer is that you can zoom in to get right into the detail. The lines might look a bit grainy at high magnification, but when you take it back to its normal size, they should be fine.

Don’t forget to let me see how well you can colour by sending your picture to or by posting on social media using #thomzodesigns.


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