Tales from Mulberry Garden in green
The covers of the five books in the Tales from Mulberry Garden set against a grass background

More than just a story book

These children’s books provide fun for the whole family. Diving into the story, readers can colour the words and images as they go. With a range of images designed for all skill levels and handy colouring tips, they’ll boost their confidence and skills.

Aimed at 5–8-year-olds, these books also cater to the adults guiding them. The large, dyslexia-friendly font makes for easy reading, complete with teaching suggestions. Thoughtful page layouts support group reading and discussions without disrupting the story’s flow.

Activities, connected to the book’s themes, can be enjoyed together or solo, along with word puzzles, easy recipes, gardening activities, songs, and discussion topics and keep everyone entertained well beyond the first reading.

All books can be ordered from Waterstones. Contact me for bulk purchasing options hello@thomzodesigns.co.uk

Buzz Bee Me

Buzz the bumblebee is bored being a bee. All he does is rush around the flowers all day, drinking nectar and getting covered in pollen. He never finds enough to eat and is always hungry. What's the point in that? He wants to become something else. How will he get on when he tries to be a cat, a bird and a frog?

The book explains how we all have qualities that are unique to us. Buzz doesn’t have the right anatomy to achieve his goal, but he learns the value of his own characteristics and realises just how fulfilling being himself can be.

Although Buzz wasn’t successful, he did learn about other animals and had some fun adventures, teaching children that failing doesn’t need to be a negative experience. See more of the book in this You Tube short

A black and white line image of a letter B embellished with blackberries and leaves, alongside text from the book, Buzz Bee Me
A coloured drawing of a bee on a flower
A black and white line drawing of a couple of bees next to a bee hive alongside some text from the book, Buzz Bee Me.

Flit and Flutter By

Flit the butterfly doesn't like change but, all around her, the world is moving on. How can Flit learn to cope and will she be able to help Tad, the frog, come to terms with his own metamorphosis?

The story touches on how plants change through the seasons, as well as how frogs and butterflies develop.

The activities in this book include a song to sing accompanied by a dance to encourage children to get active, even if they are seated. There is a discussion about how change can be positive and an explanation of how pollination occurs.

Watch my YouTube video to see some of the pages in this book.

Front cover of the book, Flit and Flutter By, showing a picture of a frog and a butterfly
A black and white line drawing of a butterfly with some of the text from the book, Flit and Flutter By
The Flutterby Song from the book, Flit and Flutter By

Counting Beans

Focussing on bullying, this book teaches children that the best way to deal with bullies is not to fight back but to ignore their remarks and involve an adult. The activities also help children to look at their own behaviour to make sure they don’t unwittingly become bullies.

Other themes in the book include the circle of a plant’s life, composting, the importance of nitrogen in the garden and simple fractions, all introduced in fun activities and puzzles. They can also learn how to grow beans and there is even a simple recipe for them to try, with adult guidance.

Page 5 of the book, Counting Beans
Page 22 of the book, Counting Beans
Front cover of the book, Counting Beans, showing the number five, intertwined with bean flowers and fruit and some insects

Bill and Coo

Pigeons Bill and Coo are busy building their new nest. How will they cope when an elegant stranger appears, and Bill is in danger? Can they overcome their fears and achieve their goals with the help of their family and friends?

As well as helping to build confidence about their own body image, there are puzzles and activities that explain the use of homophones and homonyms in a fun way until they’re confident in selecting the right word.

Bill and Coo front cover, featuring an image of two surprised pigeons and a cat in a nest.
Example activity from Bill and Coo
Example page from Bill and Coo


Sunny, the onion, is lonely. He’s different from the other vegetables around him. They don’t look like him, or smell like him, and they talk in a funny way. They are kind to him, but is that enough to cheer him up? Or will he be happier once he goes to live with the other onions? Perhaps he will find happiness elsewhere and fulfil his destiny?

Covering loneliness and isolation, the activities encourage the readers to welcome newcomers and help them integrate. Other activities include a simple onion recipe and how to grow onions.

Page 12 from the book, Sunny, by Zozo Thomas, showing words and an image from the book
Front cover of Sunny paperback book
Example page from Bill and Coo