Why do we doodle?

I’ve been a doodler throughout my life
But in the past, it’s caused me strife
Admonished for doodling in schoolbooks
Doodling in meetings attracted dirty looks

But now I know that doodling is good
It helps to restore a positive mood
It’s relaxing, it’s fun, a time to play
To be creative in a calming way

From stress it provides a gentle release
No pressure to create a masterpiece
Starting afresh, no need to be anxious
No fear of ruining a pristine canvas

Don’t aim for perfection, just have a go
To practice the stroke, the line, the flow
To build connections between eye and hand
Small will do, doesn’t have to be grand

A pen or a pencil is your only requirement
A sheet of paper, a scrap or an oddment
You just don’t need expensive resources
But do come along to one of my courses

Classes available in the Swindon, Wiltshire area of South West England.

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