The Mulberry Gathering is a not-for-profit organisation formed to share skills, knowledge, and ideas between creative businesses and to provide opportunities for those businesses and artists to thrive.


Photograph of Podpadstudio's 95Spider car, designed to look like the Batmobile from the Batman films

Podpadstudios have been making props for film TV and exhibitions since 2015. Their collection of handmade, interactive props includes animatronic dragons, futuristic flying cars, batmobiles and robots, which have been displayed at events all over the UK 

At the heart of Podpadstudios is a husband and wife team, Anna and Mark Enright.  Their combined experience in the prop-making industry is considerable, however, their alter egos are also becoming well known on YouTube, where fans can follow the adventures of “Master Maker” and “Mrs Breaker”.

Zozo Thomas

Author and Illustrator, Zozo Thomas, owns the mulberry tree that inspired the name of the Mulberry Gathering and her series of illustrated children’s books, Tales from Mulberry Garden

A photograph of Zozo Thomas with her black and white cat
Front cover of the book, Flit and Flutter By, showing a picture of a frog and a butterfly

Julie Smith and Phyllida Richards

Two friends meet, sometimes at the kitchen table, sometimes at a cafe, sometimes on a walk – what is consistent is our joy of beauty, discovering and the unexpected. This is ever-present and inspiring. 

My name is Kristyna and I always believed that good food and art that comes from a soul is like magic. We all know how all it sometimes takes a bowl of mom’s/dad’s soup and all your problems just disappear for the moment. Our senses are directly linked to our memories and emotions.

I look at a red roses in a painting and think of my grandma, how proud she was of hers. I take a bite of gingerbread that instantly transports me to Christmas baking time in my childhood home. A smell of fresh mint reminds me of my time in Italy where I picked fresh herbs every morning for my tea.

My art is created based on my dreams and life around me. Open to inspiration whenever it hits me.

Jan and Geoff Art

A photograph of a sculpture of an owl made from recycled materials
A photograph of a sculpture of a flower made from metal

Jan and Geoff Art are a couple who, in their spare time, love creating art in a number of mediums – metal, wire, acrylics, pencils and pastels. We are mainly inspired by nature and the flora and fauna around us, leading to rock lilies, giant dragonflies and bat mirrors in metals. Also, wire & crystal trees and acrylic paintings of ravens, hares and horses.

We hope our art makes you smile and maybe look again at the countryside and creatures around us.

Marta Uscinska

Within my art are embedded deeply personal interpretations of landscape in and
around St Ives in Cornwall. I intended my art to resist classification and easy explanation.
Within my work, I amalgamate different styles of highly vibrant, pigment-loaded strokes,
and impasto oil seascape. I intend my art to be a recollection and record of the experience
rather than a realistic view itself. I am primarily concerned with the idea of translating memory and feeling into the tangible fact of paint.

Painting by Marta Uscinska of a seascape
Photograph of a painting by Marta Uscinska of a seascape

SM Herbal

A photograph of a tin containing rosemary infused skin cream

Just the tonic for dry or damaged skin. Stuart, from SM Herbal, has developed a range of products suitable for use on all skin types using only natural ingredients and no artificial perfumes or preservatives.

Stuart, from SM Herbal, giving a talk about herbs