Swindon writing – a book of short stories, plays and poems


This collection of poems, plays and short stories, by writers who live in or have a significant connection to Swindon, has been curated and edited by Artswords. Profits from the sale of the book will be used to fund future literature development work, including reading and writing groups run by Artswords.


Reading and writing help us celebrate life, lament it, explore it, and even try to make sense of it.

And all of that has been much needed in 2020.

Thanks to covid-19, it’s been a strange year, full of unexpected changes and new routines.

But one thing that did not change was the urge, of many people in and around Swindon, to write.

Here is a selection of stories by them, some happy, some sad, and even ones to colour in; and poems too, that make you think, blink, smile, or cry; and plays, some that make you laugh, or frown, or maybe make little sense at all – or do they?

Have a read and decide for yourself. But most of all, enjoy!

You can read extracts from Swindon Writing on the blog page: https://thomzodesigns.co.uk/blog

For more information about Artswords and the Swindon Festival of Literature visit: https://artswordsswindon.blogspot.com and www.swindonspringfestival.co.uk

Copies of the paperback version of this book can be obtained by contacting Artswords at artswordsinfo@gmail.com or by calling (+44) 01793 771080.

Parental supervision is recommended for under 18s. This book contains mild sexual references and swearing. It also deals with themes relating to death and bereavement.

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