Zozo Thomas – Sunny – a short story to colour in


Sunny, the onion, is lonely. He’s different from the other vegetables around him. Will he be happy once he goes to be with the other onions or will he find happiness elsewhere and fulfil his destiny? This download contains the full story with 15 A4 pages of text and illustrations to colour in.

If you would like extra colouring in sheets, puzzles, and activities, search for the paperback version of Sunny by Zozo Thomas in all good book stores.


The baby onion pushed his first, tiny leaves out of the soil just as the earliest frosts of winter sprinkled the ground with glitter.
“Hello, Sunny” boomed a voice behind him, making him jump. “You look like an onion. What are you doing here? All of the other onions are in the row behind us.”
“Wh..who are you?” Stammered Sunny.
“I’m a cabbage,” boomed the voice. “We’re all cabbages here.”

Sunny tried to peer between the cabbages, but he couldn’t see the other onions through their dark, crinkly leaves.
At first, he was nervous about being a single, tiny, lonely onion amongst the great, dark, fat cabbages. But the cabbages were kind to Sunny and treated him as one of their family.
As he grew, they told him about the garden and about the gardener who came regularly in her shiny, yellow wellington boots, to water and feed the vegetables.
They pointed out the different birds that flew above him and named all the little bugs that crawled past him…

Fun for all the family, this is suitable for children and adults alike. Read the story and print and colour the images as you go. Don’t forget to let everyone see how well you can colour.

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