Mule – a novella by Maze Shoot


Adult fiction – crime novel by Maze Shoot. Download this short, but faced paced, crime story for a cracking good read.


“You’d have to be an ass to be a mule!”

When Markus Stalbrigg parks his petrol tanker in Sam Wilston’s living room, Sam is plunged unwittingly into a world of drugs dealers, kidnappers, gun-carrying thugs and black leather. Will Sam’s ginger cat, Philpot, be able to save his owner’s life? For the real twist in the tail, read beyond The End.


*****Devoured this book – and thoroughly enjoyed it loved the central character and how the story was woven together. A great read

*****Really enjoyable read, couldn’t put it down

*****Keeps you intrigued to the end

Adult fiction – parental supervision is recommended for under 18s. This book deals with themes of drug smuggling, guns and death.

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