Flit and Flutter By – a short story to colour in


Flit the  butterfly doesn’t like change but, all around her, the world is moving on. How can Flit learn to cope and will she be able to help Tad, the frog, come to terms with his own metamorphosis? Written and illustrated exclusively for Thomzo Designs by Zoe Thomas (Zozo Thomas). A short story with illustrations that can be printed out and coloured in. Suitable for all ages.


Flit, the butterfly, surveyed the garden from her vantage point up on a buddleia flower as it swayed, gently, in the breeze. One minute, she could see the sunflowers standing tall and proud, their heads peeking over the hedge between the ornamental borders and the kitchen garden. Then, she could see the apples swelling and ripening on the apple tree. Next, she found herself looking at the honeysuckle that climbed up the trellis and over the archway by the shed. But the honeysuckle flowers were beginning to go over; they’d given up all their pollen and nectar and the petals were dropping to the ground. Even the leaves of the honeysuckle weren’t as lush and green as they had been a few weeks earlier.

As she carried on looking around, Flit realised… 

Fun for all the family, this is suitable for children and adults alike. Read the story and print and colour the images as you go. Don’t forget to let everyone see how well you can colour by e-mailing hello@thomzodesigns.co.uk or on social media using #ThomzoDesigns.

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