Counting Beans – a short story to colour in


Lofty and her friends would enjoy their lives in the garden if it wasn’t for the bullies who are always nasty to them. What will happen to Lofty and her companions? A short story with illustrations that can be printed out and coloured in. Suitable for all ages.


“What’s that black stuff in your armpits?” Lofty asked Bruiser. The broad beans curiously inspected the black spots that had appeared where their leaves joined their stems. The black spots spread rapidly and within a couple of days, the broad beans’ stems and leaves were covered in a sticky black mess.
“Look at our black armour,” they laughed, “nobody can touch us now.” And nobody did; the bees refused to gather nectar and the butterflies were too scared of getting the sticky black mess on their delicate wings to land on their flowers. The flowers didn’t set, and the beans didn’t grow. Only the ants crawled up the beans’ long stems and they licked the sweet tasting mess.  

Fun for all the family, this is suitable for children and adults alike. Read the story and print and colour the images as you go. Don’t forget to let everyone see how well you can colour.

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